Tournaments Registered for September 2017
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 The total number of registered tournaments: 78
Country: India

PGN Event NameCitySysStartReceivedI
   2nd Telagana All India below 1600 Khammam, Telanganas 2017-08-10 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Chess Beacon 1st open FIDE Rated Chess Tournament Jaipurs 2017-08-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  Chess Mine Rapid Open 2017 Bangalores 2017-08-05 2017-08-15 N/RTDInf.
 Athens of the East 1st FIDE rating open Madurais 2017-08-12 2017-08-20 N/RTDInf.
  01st Sri Raghavendra Open FIDE Rated Chennais 2017-08-12 2017-08-20 N/RTDInf.
   55th National Challengers Chess Championship 2017 Ahmedabads 2017-08-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Trichy All India FIDE Rating below 1500 Trichys 2017-08-25 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  1st ICA - MCA FIDE Rating below 1600 Dindiguls 2017-07-29 2017-08-15 RatedInf.
  1st Champions FIDE Rated Chess Championship Salems 2017-07-27 2017-08-15 RatedInf.
   5th NL Pandiyar Memorial Open FIDE 2017 Udaipurs 2017-08-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  1st GDCA Open FIDE Rating Rapid Gulbargas 2017-08-12 2017-08-20 N/RTDInf.
  10th Modern School FIDE Rated for School Children Nanganallur, Chennais 2017-08-03 2017-08-20 N/RTDInf.
   Vijay anand Chess Academy 1st Open FIDE Rated Chennais 2017-08-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  Chess Mine Blitz Open 2017 Bangalores 2017-08-07 2017-08-15 N/RTDInf.
  2nd Badal Bhattacharjee Memorial All India FIDE Rating Siliguris 2017-08-06 2017-08-20 N/RTDInf.
  3rd Kamraj Memorial FIDE Rated open Karurs 2017-08-03 2017-08-15 RatedInf.
  4th Kamaraj Memorial FIDE Rating below 1500 Karurs 2017-08-04 2017-08-20 N/RTDInf.
  NATIONAL RAPID Chess Championship 2017 Bengals 2017-08-01 2017-08-15 N/RTDInf.
  National Blitz Chess Championship 2017 Bengals 2017-08-04 2017-08-15 N/RTDInf.
  18th NATIONAL CITIES TEAM CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 Odishat 2017-08-06 2017-08-20 N/RTDInf.
   2nd Vithabai Memorial Maharashtra State Open FIDE Rating Punes 2017-08-17 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Maharashtra State Under 15 open selection 2017 Akolas 2017-08-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Maharashtra State Under 15 girls selection 2017 Akolas 2017-08-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  Maharashtra State Open 2017 Mumbais 2017-08-02 2017-08-15 RatedInf.
  1st Nithim All India Open FIDE rated Hyderabads 2017-08-03 2017-08-20 N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for October 2017 (2017-10-01)
   Asian Cities 2017 Odishat 2017-08-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2nd Champions FIDE Rated below 1600 Chess Tournament salems 2017-09-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   30th FIDE Rating Open Chess Tournament 2017 Thoothukudis 2017-09-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   National Junior 2017 Bihars 2017-09-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   National Junior Girls Championship 2017 Bihars 2017-09-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   31st National Under - 7 Open Vijayawadas 2017-09-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   31st National Under - 7 Girls Vijayawadas 2017-09-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2nd ASOM FIDE Rating open Chess Tmt Assams 2017-09-21 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Fomento All India FIDE Rating Chess tournament 2017 Goas 2017-09-06 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   6th MSV Memorial FIDE Rated Chess Tmt Chennais 2017-09-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Shahid Shirish Kumar Maharashtra State Selection Under - 17 Girls Nandurbars 2017-09-07 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Shahid Shirish Kumar Maharashtra State Selection Under - 17 Open Nandurbars 2017-09-07 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Aadi FIDE Rating rapid Mandlas 2017-09-16 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for November 2017 (2017-11-01)
   KKCA FIRST All India FIDE Rated Open Coimbatores 2017-09-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   43rd National U-15 Open - 2017 Ahmedabads 2017-10-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   34th National U-15 Girls - 2017 Ahmedabads 2017-10-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd KCA FIDE Rated Kancheepurams 2017-09-27 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Hyderabad open All India FIDE Rating Hyderabads 2017-09-25 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   All India FIDE Rating below 1500 Hyderabads 2017-09-30 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd Railwheel Factory FIDE Rated open Bangalores 2017-09-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Nitai Ghosh Memorial FIDE Rated Chess Tmt West Bengals 2017-10-07 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   4th Late Laxmikant V.Desai Memorial FIDE Rating Goas 2017-10-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Chess Guru Academy Maharashtra open FIDE Rating Mumbais 2017-09-30 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   4th Sameen Singh Open FIDE Rating Amritsars 2017-09-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2nd Delhi Chess Association FIDE Rated Chess tmt 2017 Delhis 2017-10-11 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Dipak Ghatuar memorial FIDE Rating Assams 2017-09-28 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for December 2017 (2017-12-01)
   Athens of the East 2nd FIDE Rated event Madurais 2017-11-10 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Cooperative Cup FIDE Rating Mangalores 2017-10-27 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Chess in Lakecity Winter Cup FIDE rating below 1600 Udaipurs 2017-11-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   KCT Dr.N.Mahalingam Chess Academy 28th National U - 17 Open chess Championship 2017 Coimbatores 2017-10-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   KCT Dr.N.Mahalingam Chess Academy 28th National U - 17 girls chess Championship 2017 Coimbatores 2017-10-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   6th National Amateur Chess Championship 2017 New Delhis 2017-11-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   31st National Under 9 OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 Gurgaons 2017-11-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   31st National Under - 9 GIRLS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 Gurgaons 2017-11-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   55th National Premier Chess Championship 2017 Patnar 2017-10-31 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2nd Delhi Chess Association below 1600 FIDE rated - 2017 Delhis 2017-11-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   smt Suneeta Singh & Sanjay Kashiwal FIDE Rating Indores 2017-10-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for January 2018 (2018-01-01)
   26th The Telegraph Schools Chess Championship Kolkatas 2017-12-07 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Riverside Public School FIDE Rated Kotagiris 2017-12-22 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   44th National Women Premier Chess Championship - 2017 Ahmedabadr 2017-11-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Shri Narayana Guru Trophy National open FIDE Rating Rapid Udupis 2017-12-09 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Spic 1st All India FIDE Rating below 1600 Thoothukudis 2017-12-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   WORLD YOUTH U-16 CHESS OLYMPIAD 2017 Gujaratt 2017-12-10 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Bhopal Open International GM tmt 2017 Bhopals 2017-12-20 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   CSIR - CMERI diamond Jubilee All India FIDE Rated 2017 Durgapurs 2017-11-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for February 2018 (2018-02-01)
   Delhi International Open-2018 (Cat 'A') New Delhis 2018-01-09 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Delhi International Open-2018 (Cat 'B') New Delhis 2018-01-09 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Delhi International Open - 2018 (Cat 'C') New Delhis 2018-01-13 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   KKCA Second All India FIDE Rated below 1600 Coimbatores 2017-12-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd Master Mind Open FIDE rated Chennais 2017-12-27 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   10th Chennai Open International Grand Master Chess Tournament Chennais 2018-01-18 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd IIFL Wealth Mumbai International Open Mumbais 2017-12-30 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd IIFL Wealth Mumbai Junior FIDE Rating Mumbais 2017-12-30 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournament System: r = Round Robin,d = Double RR, s = Swiss, t = Team, m = Match


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