Tournaments Registered for June 2015
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 The total number of registered tournaments: 95
Country: United States of America

PGN Event NameCitySysStartReceivedI
   Farley Memorial League XVII Rochester, New Yorks 2015-01-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   40th CalChess State Scholastics Championship 2015 Santa Clara, Californias 2015-05-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  January 2015 MCC FIDE Mondays New York, New Yorks 2015-01-26 2015-05-16 RatedInf.
  February MCC Wednesday U2000 New York, New Yorks 2015-02-11 2015-05-20 RatedInf.
   February 12, 2015 MCC 4 Rated Games Tonight New York, New Yorks 2015-02-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  February MCC FIDE Thursdays New York, New Yorks 2015-02-12 2015-05-17 RatedInf.
   24th Annual Chicago Open Chicago, Illinoiss 2015-05-21 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Dayton Chess Club 55th Championship Dayton, Ohios 2015-04-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   12th Annual Great Lakes Chess Open Battle Creek, Michigans 2015-05-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   SCCF Senior Open Irvine, Californias 2015-04-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 SCCF Junior Open Irvine, Californias 2015-04-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  2015 DCC FIDE Open VI Richardson, Texass 2015-05-09 2015-05-18 RatedInf.
   70th Annual Texas State and Amateur Championship Fort Worth, Texass 2015-05-22 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd Cherry Blosson Classic Open Dulles, Virginias 2015-05-22 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd Cherry Blossom Classic U2200 Dulles, Virginias 2015-05-22 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Cherry Blossom Classic FIDE Rated Blitz Dulles, Virginias 2015-05-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Hwy Express Chess Tournament Stillwater, Oklahomas 2015-05-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  2015 Ron Simpson Memorial Durham, North Carolinas 2015-03-27 2015-05-03 RatedInf.
   2015 Spring Tuesday Night Marathon San Francisco, Californias 2015-03-17 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC May Slow Mondays New York, New Yorks 2015-04-20 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC May Slow Thursdays New York, New Yorks 2015-04-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC April 2015 $500 Friday Night Blitz New York, New Yorks 2015-04-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC May 2015 Grand Prix New York, New Yorks 2015-05-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC May 2015 $500 Friday Night Blitz New York, New Yorks 2015-05-22 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 April in the Cave Blitz Baltimore, Marylandd 2015-04-11 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 April in the Cave Quick Baltimore, Marylandr 2015-04-11 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  Manchester May 2015 IM Norm Manchester, New Hampshirer 2015-05-07 2015-05-11 RatedInf.
   MCC March $500 Friday Night Blitz New York, New Yorks 2015-03-27 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  61st Annual Maryland Open Rockville, Marylands 2015-05-01 2015-05-20 RatedInf.
   2015 South Carolina Open Greenville, South Carolinas 2015-05-22 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Washington Open Lynnwood, Washingtons 2015-05-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   ChessIQ King of the Hill Blitz Skokie, Illinoiss 2015-03-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  2015 May UTB GM-norm Tournament Brownsville, Texasr 2015-05-13 2015-05-19 RatedInf.
   2015 SPICE Spring Blitz Webster Groves, Missouris 2015-04-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  2015 May UTB IM-norm Tournament Brownsville, Texasr 2015-05-13 2015-05-19 RatedInf.
  2015 Bay Area Chess GM Jesse Kraai Championship Milpitas, Californias 2015-04-17 2015-05-18 RatedInf.
  22nd Space Coast Open Cocoa Beach, Floridas 2015-04-24 2015-05-14 RatedInf.
   2015 Best of the West Class Championship Santa Clara, Californias 2015-05-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  2015 Carolina's Junior Invitational Charlotte, North Carolinar 2015-05-01 2015-05-13 RatedInf.
   This is the End Part II Skokie, Illinoiss 2015-05-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   This is the End Part II Blitz Skokie, Illinoisd 2015-05-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for July 2015 (2015-07-01)
   2015 Gem City Open Dayton, Ohios 2015-05-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 US Junior Open U21 Championship Schaumburg, Illinoiss 2015-06-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 US Junior Open U15 Championship Schaumburg, Illinioss 2015-06-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 US Junior Open U11 Championship Schaumburg, Illinoiss 2015-06-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 US Junior Open U8 Championship Schaumburg, Illinoiss 2015-06-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 US Senior Open Championship Schaumburg, Illinoiss 2015-06-12 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC June 2015 Grand Prix New York, New Yorks 2015-06-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC June 2015 $500 Friday Night Blitz New York, New Yorks 2015-06-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 National Open Las Vegas, Nevadas 2015-06-19 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 National Open U2200 Las Vegas, Nevadas 2015-06-19 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Port of Burlington Open Burlington, Iowas 2015-06-06 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Houston FIDE Open June 2015 Houston, Texass 2015-06-20 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Farley Memorial League XVIII Rochester, New Yorkd 2015-04-06 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Atlanta Championship Chamblee, Georgias 2015-05-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 National Open Blitz Las Vegas, Nevadas 2015-06-21 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   7th Summer Solstice Open Coral Springs, Floridas 2015-06-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 DCC FIDE Open VII Richardson, Texass 2015-06-13 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Not Jr, Not Sr Open Schaumburg, ILs 2015-06-13 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for August 2015 (2015-08-01)
   2015 MWCC Summer Soltice Natick, Massachusettss 2015-06-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   43rd Annual World Open Arlington, Virginias 2015-06-30 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd Annual DC International Arlington, Virginias 2015-06-25 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Summer Tuesday Night Marathon San Francisco, Californias 2015-05-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC July 2015 Slow Mondays New York, New Yorks 2015-06-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC July 2015 Slow Thursdays New York, New Yorks 2015-06-04 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Bay Area Chess GM Melikset Khachiyan Championship Milpitas, Californias 2015-07-17 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC July Grand Prix New York, New Yorks 2015-07-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Houston Summer Chess Festival Houston, Texass 2015-07-10 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Sacramento Chess Championship Sacramento, Californias 2015-07-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   8th New York International - U2200 New York, New Yorks 2015-07-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 CCSCSL IM Norm Closed Saint Louis, Missourir 2015-07-16 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 CCSCSL GM Norm Closed Saint Louis, Missourir 2015-07-16 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   8th New York International Championship New York, New Yorks 2015-07-15 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 DCC FIDE OPEN VIII Richardson, Texass 2015-07-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for September 2015 (2015-09-01)
   4th Annual Washington International Rockville, Marylands 2015-08-08 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   45th Annual Continental Open Sturbridge, Massachusettss 2015-08-13 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC August Slow Mondays New York, New Yorks 2015-07-13 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   14th Annual Manhattan Open New York, New Yorks 2015-08-21 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Dayton Masters Dayton, Ohior 2015-07-27 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Aviator Open Dayton, Ohios 2015-07-31 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   MCC August 2015 FIDE Mondays U1800 New Your, New Yorks 2015-07-13 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   5th Annual Potomac Open Rockville, Marylands 2015-07-31 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   5th Annual Potomac Open U2100 Rockville, Marylands 2015-07-31 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for October 2015 (2015-10-01)
   2015 Sinquefield Cup Saint Louis, Missourir 2015-08-23 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   61st Iowa Open Championship Coralville, Iowas 2015-08-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Illinois Open State Chess Championship Northbrook, Illinoiss 2015-09-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   75th New England Open Boxborough, Massachusettss 2015-09-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Louisiana State Championship Kenner, Louisianas 2015-09-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for November 2015 (2015-11-01)
   2015 MWCC Memorial Swiss Natick, Massachusettss 2015-09-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Leighton Allen Tuesday Night Marathon San Francisco, Californias 2015-08-04 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2nd Annual Washington Chess Congress Arlington, Virginias 2015-10-07 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Millionaire Chess Open II Las Vegas, Nevadas 2015-10-08 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for December 2015 (2015-12-01)
   7th Annual Empire State Open and International Bolton Landing, New Yorks 2015-11-11 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for January 2016 (2016-01-01)
   2015 MWCC Holiday Cheer Natick, Massachusettss 2015-12-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2015 Fall Tuesday Night Marathon San Francisco, Californias 2015-10-20 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournament System: r = Round Robin,d = Double RR, s = Swiss, t = Team, m = Match


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