Tournaments Registered for December 2015
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 The total number of registered tournaments: 69
Country: India

PGN Event NameCitySysStartReceivedI
   National Premier Chess Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadus 2015-11-14 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  All India Open Rapid FIDE Rating delhis 2015-11-21 2015-11-27 RatedInf.
  All India Open Blitz FIDE Rating Chess Tournament New Delhis 2015-11-22 2015-11-27 N/RTDInf.
  4th NATIONAL AMATEUR Delhis 2015-11-15 2015-11-26 RatedInf.
  Chess Club Live Open Fide Rated Chess Tournament Gujaraths 2015-11-18 2015-11-27 N/RTDInf.
  1st silicon City FIDE Rating Bangalores 2015-11-21 2015-11-27 N/RTDInf.
  2nd Indian All India FIDE Rating Chess Tournament 2015 Nagpurs 2015-11-14 2015-11-26 RatedInf.
 42nd National Women Premier Chess Championship 2015 Kolkatas 2015-11-12 2015-11-27 N/RTDInf.
  Trichy All India Open FIDE Rating Trichys 2015-10-30 2015-11-14 RatedInf.
  8th Anand chess Academy FIDE Rating sewagiris 2015-11-14 2015-11-21 RatedInf.
  All india Open Rapid Rating chess championship Akold Maharashtras 2015-11-19 2015-11-27 RatedInf.
  Late Shri VK Tiwari memorial MP state fide rating Mps 2015-10-28 2015-11-14 RatedInf.
  1st R.K.Chess Club Open Rapid FIDE Rating Mandya - Karnatakas 2015-11-07 2015-11-26 RatedInf.
   ICS Maharashtra state Open FIDE Rating Mumbais 2015-11-18 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
  1st All India Open FIDE Rating Chess Tournament Thiruvarurs 2015-11-16 2015-11-27 N/RTDInf.
   2nd All India FIDE Rating below 1800 Chess tmt Thrivarurs 2015-11-21 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   ICS Maharashtra state Open FIDE Rating1 Mumbais 2015-11-18 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for January 2016 (2016-01-01)
   One Goal Chess Acdemy PJR Memorial Rapid rating Hyderabads 2015-12-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   8th AIM All india FIDE Rated below 1800 Namakkals 2015-12-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd Arvind Durga Open Chennais 2015-12-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2nd MCA FIDE Rated Bengal Junior Open Hooghly, West Bengals 2015-12-25 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   KCA's 10th FIDE Rated open Chess Tournament below 1500 Kottayams 2015-12-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Late R.B.Sapre memorial FIDE Rating Open Rapid Ratnagiri, Maharashtras 2015-11-28 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Badal Bhattacharjee Memorial FIDE Rated Open Siliguris 2015-11-25 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   5th BBSR FIDE All India Rating tmt for Girls and Women BBSRs 2015-12-10 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Late S.N. Shrivastava and smt Kalavatidevi Memorial MAH State Open FIDE Rating Nagpurs 2015-12-08 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   5th JRD Tatal all India Open jharkands 2015-12-09 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   18th KCF FIDE Rated Open Chennais 2015-11-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   2nd I.S.FIDE Rating Chess Tournament 2015 cuttacks 2015-12-21 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Shantikumarji Firodia FIDE Rating Anmednagars 2015-11-25 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   26th Cusat FIDE Rating cusats 2015-12-11 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Suraj FIDE Rating Open Chess Tournament Sanglis 2015-12-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   All India Open Rapid Rating tournament Bangalores 2015-12-19 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Lions Club Kakinada elite All India open FIDE Kakinadas 2015-12-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   DSF All Maharashtra Open Rapid rating 2015 Mumbais 2015-12-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st RBK All India Open FIDE Rating Open Mumbais 2015-12-21 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Jharkhand State Open FIDE Rating Jamshedpurs 2015-12-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Raghav's Foundation 4th Fide Rating Open Chess Tournament Hyderabads 2015-12-20 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for February 2016 (2016-02-01)
   14th Delhi International Open - 2016 category A New Delhis 2016-01-09 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   14th Delhi International Open - 2016 category B New Delhis 2016-01-09 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   14th Delhi International Open - 2016 category C New Delhis 2016-01-13 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st MCA Rating Chess Tourament below 1600 Chennais 2016-01-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   16th North East Chess Championship Mizorams 2016-01-18 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Manipal University 1st National Open FIDE Rating Manipals 2015-12-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   8th KCM FIDE Rated below 1700 Coimbatores 2016-01-01 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   National "B" Chess Championship for the Blind Karnatakas 2015-12-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Chess Association Kerala's below 1600 FIDE rating Ernakulams 2016-01-24 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Lions District 322F FIDE Rated Open Chess Tmt 2016 siliguris 2016-01-04 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Karur Open FIDE Rating Karurs 2015-12-28 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   8th Chennai Open Grandmaster Chess Tournament Chennais 2016-01-18 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Chitkara Interntional School All India Open FIDE Rating Chandigars 2016-01-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Chitkara Interntional School All India below 1600 FIDE Rating Chandigars 2016-01-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   5th WBCWS FIDE Rated Open Chess Tournament 2015 Kolkatas 2015-12-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   19th KCF FIDE rated below 1600 chennais 2015-12-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   1st Berhampur All India Open FIDE Rating tmt Berhampurs 2015-12-29 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   St. Teresa All India Open FIDE rating Lucknows 2016-01-03 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for March 2016 (2016-03-01)
   1st Open FIDE Rated at Agartala agartalas 2016-01-28 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   9th ACA FIDE Rated open below 1600 Palakkads 2016-02-13 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   All India Fide Rating Tournament gunturs 2016-01-28 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   01st East Godavari Trophy All India below 1500 Kikinadas 2016-02-05 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   National team open - 2016 Bhubaneshwart 2016-02-08 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   National Team Women - 2016 Bhubanewshwart 2016-02-08 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   IIFL Wealth 1st Mumbai FIDE Rating open Mumbais 2016-01-28 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   IIFL Wealth 01st Mumbai Junior Under - 13 Open Mumbais 2016-01-28 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for April 2016 (2016-04-01)
   All India FIDE Rating chess tmt below 1600 karurs 2016-02-26 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd I.S.FIDE rated below 1600 cuttacks 2016-03-25 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   Avadh FIDE Rating below 1800 Lucknows 2016-03-17 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournaments registered for May 2016 (2016-05-01)
   2nd Triple "c" All India Open FIDE Rating Chess Championship 2016 cuttacks 2016-04-02 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
   3rd Triple "C" All India Open FIDE Rating below 1800 cuttacks 2016-04-21 Not Subm. N/RTDInf.
Tournament System: r = Round Robin,d = Double RR, s = Swiss, t = Team, m = Match


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