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Vaznonis, Donatas (LTU)
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Organizer records
 Organizer Event  FRL
 Organizer Spring cup 2019 Jul19
 Organizer Sabalunkos 2019-06-09 Jul19
 Organizer Sabalunkos 2019-06-10 Jul19
 Organizer Sabalunkos 2019-06-11 Jul19
 Organizer Sabalunkos 2019-06-12 Jul19
 Organizer Sabalunkos 2019-06-13 Jul19
 Organizer Sabalunkos 2019-06-14 Jul19
 Organizer Sabalunkos 2019-06-15 Jul19
 Organizer Sabalunkos 2019-06-16 Jul19
 Organizer Kaunas Youth Rapid Chess Championship 2019 Jun19
 Organizer XXXV SELL GAMES team chess tournament Jun19
 Organizer XXXV SELL GAMES individual women's chess tournament Jun19
 Organizer XXXV SELL GAMES individual open chess tournament Jun19
 Organizer In Memoriam Richardas Banaitis A 2019 Feb19
 Organizer In Memoriam Richardas Banaitis B 2019 Feb19
 Organizer Kaunas Christmas 2018 Jan19
 Organizer Kaunas 2019 Jan19
 Organizer Kaunas hopes 2018 A Dec18
 Organizer Kaunas hopes 2018 B Dec18
 Organizer Start of New Academic Year Tournament 2018 Oct18
 Organizer Youth Blitz Chess Championship 2018 Oct18
 Organizer XXXVIII International Chess Tournament PLUNGE 2018 A Aug18
 Organizer Salakas 2018-06-07 Jul18
 Organizer Salakas 2018-06-08 Jul18
 Organizer Salakas 2018-06-09 Jul18
 Organizer Salakas 2018-06-10 Jul18
 Organizer Salakas 2018-06-11 Jul18
 Organizer Salakas 2018-06-12 Jul18
 Organizer Salakas 2018-06-13 Jul18
 Organizer Salakas 2018-06-14 Jul18
 Organizer Kaunas Easter Chess Tournament 2018 May18
 Organizer Spring cup 2018 May18
 Organizer In Memoriam Richardas Banaitis B 2018 Feb18
 Organizer In Memoriam Richardas Banaitis A 2018 Feb18
 Organizer Kaunas Youth Chess Championship 2018 Feb18
 Organizer Kaunas Christmas 2017 Jan18
 Organizer Kaunas 2018 Jan18
 Organizer Kaunas hopes 2017 A Dec17
 Organizer Kaunas hopes 2017 B Dec17
 Organizer Autumn cup 2017 Nov17
 Organizer Start of New Academic Year Tournament 2017 Oct17
 Organizer Kaunas Youth Blitz Chess Championship 2017 Oct17
 Organizer Master Open Panevezys July 2017 Aug17
 Organizer Zarasai 2017-06-04 Jul17
 Organizer Zarasai 2017-06-05 Jul17
 Organizer Zarasai 2017-06-06 Jul17
 Organizer Zarasai 2017-06-07 Jul17
 Organizer Zarasai 2017-06-08 Jul17
 Organizer Zarasai 2017-06-09 Jul17
 Organizer Zarasai 2017-06-10 Jul17
 Organizer Zarasai 2017-06-11 Jul17
 Organizer Spring cup 2017 (2) Jun17
 Organizer Kaunas Youth Chess Championship 2017 Apr17
 Organizer Kaunas 2017 Feb17
 Organizer In memoriam Richardas Banaitis 2017 B Feb17
 Organizer In memoriam Richardas Banaitis 2017 A Feb17
 Organizer Kaunas Christmas 2016 Jan17
 Organizer Lithuanian Youth (G14) Team Chess Championship 2016 Dec16
 Organizer Lithuanian Youth (B14) Team Chess Championship 2016 Dec16
 Organizer Kaunas hopes A Nov16
 Organizer Kaunas hopes B Nov16
 Organizer Start of New Academic Year Tournament 2016 Oct16
 Organizer Kaunas Youth Blitz Chess Championship 2016 Oct16
 Organizer Visaginas 2016-05-29 Jul16
 Organizer Visaginas 2016-05-30 Jul16
 Organizer Visaginas 2016-05-31 Jul16
 Organizer Visaginas 2016-06-01 Jul16
 Organizer Visaginas 2016-06-02 Jul16
 Organizer Visaginas 2016-06-03 Jul16
 Organizer Visaginas 2016-06-04 Jul16
 Organizer Visaginas 2016-06-05 Jul16
 Organizer Kaunas youth rapid chess championship 2016 Jun16
 Organizer Kaunas youth chess championship 2016 Mar16
 Organizer Kaunas junior chess championship 2016 Mar16
 Organizer Kaunas 2016 Feb16
 Organizer In Memoriam Richardas Banaitis 2016 A Feb16
 Organizer In Memoriam Richardas Banaitis 2016 B Feb16
 Organizer Christmas tournament 2015 Jan16
 Organizer Lithuanian Youth (B14) Team Chess Championship 2015 Dec15
 Organizer Lithuanian Youth (G14) Team Chess Championship 2015 Dec15
 Organizer September tournament 2015 Oct15
 Organizer Kaunas Youth Blitz Chess Championship 2015 Oct15
 Organizer Kaunas junior rapid chess championship 2015 Jul15
 Organizer Dieveniskes 2015-06-01 Jul15
 Organizer Dieveniskes 2015-06-02 Jul15
 Organizer Dieveniskes 2015-06-03 Jul15
 Organizer Dieveniskes 2015-06-04 Jul15
 Organizer Dieveniskes 2015-06-05 Jul15
 Organizer Dieveniskes 2015-06-06 Jul15
 Organizer Dieveniskes 2015-06-07 Jul15
 Organizer Summer tournament 2015 06 12 Jul15
 Organizer XXXI SELL GAMES team chess tournament Jun15
 Organizer XXXI SELL GAMES individual women's chess tournament Jun15
 Organizer XXXI SELL GAMES individual open chess tournament Jun15
 Organizer Kaunas youth chess championship 2015 Apr15
 Organizer Kaunas 2015 Feb15
 Organizer Kaunas Christmas standard chess tournament 2014 Jan15
 Organizer September 1st tournament Oct14
 Organizer Kaunas youth blitz championship 2014 Oct14
 Organizer Spring cup 2014 Jul14
 Organizer Kaunas Youth rapid chess championship 2014 Jun14
 Organizer March 11 celebration tournament Apr14
 Organizer Kaunas Juniors chess championship 2014 Mar14
 Organizer Kaunas Cadets chess championship 2014 Mar14
 Organizer Autumn cup 2013 Oct13
 Organizer Kaunas youth chess blitz championship 2013 Oct13
 Organizer SPRING CUP 2013 Jul13
 Organizer Kaunas Youth Rapid Chess Championship 2013 Jun13
 Organizer Kaunas 2013 Feb13

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