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Attention: National Federations and Players who would like to transfer federation:
Application procedure to change federation

In order to officially apply to transfer federation, a player should provide the FIDE Office (federations@fide.com) with the following:

1. the official confirmation from the new federation (by e-mail) that it agrees to accept the transferee as its new member, and that the new federation agrees to pay a notification fee (in accordance with B.04. Registration, Transfer & Rules of Eligibility for Player ) in the amount of 50 Euro for the transfer. On receipt of their agreement, the transfer shall be announced and the new federation shall be invoiced.

2. a statement by the former federation (e-mail) that it has no objection to the transfer. Otherwise, the notification will be posted on the FIDE site for the period of 90 days after which it can be considered as valid and the transfer will be made without the former federation's approval.

3. the scanned image of a player's passport (photo and citizenship).

4. the scanned image of a residence certificate if any.

5. filled in Form for notification of change of federation, Certification and consent of proposed new federation, Consent of player.

Eligibility to Participate in FIDE Events Under the New Flag

In order to avoid any misinterpretation of the regulations, we would like to underline some points of the regulations for the players wishing to represent the new federation in FIDE events after the transfer:

1. a transferred player can represent the New federation in FIDE events only after the necessary period of residency unless the appropriate transfer and/or compensation fees are paid.

2. a transferred player who did not represent the former federation 5 years prior to the notification date, is eligible to represent the New Federation in one year after the Notification date Without Fee.

See B.04. Registration, Transfer & Rules of Eligibility for Player for your kind information.

More ID Name Fed. Form.
Transf. D. Notif. D. Last FIDE event: Citizenship Date of eligibility
to participatein the FIDE events under the new flag
Transfer fee Date starting from which a player
can represent the new federation fee free